The Road to Nowhere…Leads to Me

My Blogs and writings are my way to document, map, and enjoy nonlokal sites, states, cities, age groups, venue scenes, scents, people, and anything else that isn’t indigenous to what my current location is.

I will do my best to write something new about everywhere I go, new experiences, people I meet along the way, or revisits to places I love.

Join my journey as I tell my story

  • When Worlds Collide

    They say ” Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars” is it really that simple? I’d like to think we may be from worlds outside of this simple equation and propose a deeper thought. If our actions dictate where we are from then tell me why do some men drive down the roadContinue reading “When Worlds Collide”

  • 155@55

    My Journey to be at 155 items at 55. Currently my life is small yet crowded. I feel as small as I live; I still have many things that I don’t use on the daily. I’d like to count all the things I own but truly don’t have that luxury of time and wouldn’t wishContinue reading “155@55”

  • Sound of Freedom

    Today is Wednesday, the week headed up to the most celebrated holiday of our country, Independence Day. As I ran near Hill AFB, Utah. I found myself thinking about several things during my run, among them were the fact someone who spent the past 32 yrs associated with the military…”How did I miss the amazingContinue reading “Sound of Freedom”

  • Hammer Down

    As I left my house today to make my way to Utah for the long weekend of Independence. I found myself having to go North, instead of across I-70. It really is kind of a wash, as the traffic on I-70 is always so bad, and the wind, and long road of US-80 is desolateContinue reading “Hammer Down”