The Road to Nowhere…Leads to Me

My Blogs and writings are my way to document, map, and enjoy nonlokal sites, states, cities, age groups, venue scenes, scents, people, and anything else that isn’t indigenous to what my current location is.

I will do my best to write something new about everywhere I go, new experiences, people I meet along the way, or revisits to places I love.

Join my journey as I tell my story

  • No Mas in Christ

    My whole life I’ve struggled to enjoy Christmas. Growing up I wondered what Santa Clause would bring me as the day grew close. My twin brother and I knew that Mom and Dad were hiding the gifts that Santa would bring and we would look for them under every hiding spot in the house. AsContinue reading “No Mas in Christ”

  • The Burdens We Bare

    Having Spent the last month traveling back and forth between Utah and Colorado spending valuable time with my Dad. I realized that the burdens I choose to bare are becoming less and less. Nonetheless, they are burdens that I choose to bare. My parents had asked me why the siblings weren’t very close. I askedContinue reading “The Burdens We Bare”

  • A Non Lokal meets NotALokal

    Pulling into South Tahoe… I stopped at the first available place that looked like it would have some information…a Bike store. Having recently rode my bike on the lake and getting a sidewall puncture on my fat tire bike; I knew I wouldn’t be doing much riding if I didn’t get it fixed ASAP. TheContinue reading “A Non Lokal meets NotALokal”

  • Winds of Change

    As I drove North to Montana I wondered what life had become in the 5 years removed from Bozeman and Big Sky life. Driving through Idaho it made me think that 6 hours from Utah and I would be in a land of Cattle, Horses, Farmland and Construction. I wasn’t really ready nor did IContinue reading “Winds of Change”