A Non Lokal meets NotALokal

Pulling into South Tahoe… I stopped at the first available place that looked like it would have some information…a Bike store.

Having recently rode my bike on the lake and getting a sidewall puncture on my fat tire bike; I knew I wouldn’t be doing much riding if I didn’t get it fixed ASAP. The bike shop was completely empty and the owner who seemed nice enough…I just wasn’t sure he was on the upnup. “Well…we can get to it, but we’re really busy and a bit backed up” I asked him if he meant his business or the bullshit he was trying to feed me. See…there were no bikes on repair stands and nobody in the store. This seemed like a case of Covid is gonna cost you extra to me. Nonetheless riding my bike was more important than not and I proceeded to pay him the 140 dollars he charged to fix only one of the tires.

I tipped him 60 more dollars and would hope that he would give it to the bike repair tech in the back that just wanted to work. I proceeded toward Lake Tahoe

Found a nice place for lunch and sat down at the bar and Anna the bartend asked me what I’d be drinking. I said water and she seemed mad that I didn’t want one of the 200 choices on the shelf behind her. Normally I’d juice it up with an “water on the rocks…hard” but I decided just to stick with the nice cool water from the jug.

I wasn’t sure what to order but usually go with fish and chips. That seemed like the logical choice to get even though it is frozen Mahi bought three weeks ago and nothing fresh like you’d find in Oregon. I miss that little place by Canon Beach and have fond memories of that visit.

Then…Michelle who was sitting close by 3 chairs away doing her CA Covid awareness effort visiting from Chicago said she had ordered the Hummus and pita bread. I asked her if she was visiting and what brought her to Tahoe. She said her lovely husbands sister lived close by and the two were arguing about Michelle needing to leave on Sunday vs Thursday. To be honest…even if I was a Lokal I couldn’t stay in this town more than 2 days. I need my freedom and the open road.

Michelle said she liked Denver and I compared Denver to more like Chicago and New York…it’s a Shit storm of people and too many or too much of something…well…you get kinda nauseous.

Turns out Anna the bartend is a creative painter and showed me some of her paintings I was impressed. She even showed me a van painting she did and I got to thinking. She wasn’t Lokal nor was Michelle…turns out I’m not the only Non Lokal. I enjoyed their company and we laughed about dumb Shit and talked about my dad going through Chemo.

Anna was nice enough to let me place my sticker on the surfboard above the bar and earlier I said her paintings had me thinking. I am even entertaining letting her paint my logo on my van.

I took my bike for a ride and enjoyed the Lokal attractions that were open in Tahoe and smiled a big grin as I realized I do my best thinking when I’m running or riding. Tomorrow AM…I run.

This week has been a bit of a challenge and my best friend Colette keeps me grounded. I told her that sure most days I am good to go and like a stout 4X4 that can usually tackle most challenges I also find a rut. Everyone once in a while, you need to use a Winch to get you unstuck and get your wheels on solid ground. For her patience with me I am forever in her debt.

This trip has been good for me. Spending time with Cousin Paige and watching America’s sweetheart run a cross country race KickitKelsey was a Supah Stah. Being in Southern CA and the lake outside or Friant to the grumpy old lady who really needs to get another vaccine shot for her rudeness at the Yosemite Village to a lonely night on BLM lands with nothing but the coyotes howling in the distance.


Tonight I share a parking lot with 2 other camper vans and a large RV. It’s a nice feeling to know I have friends that I don’t even need to know who they are but we’re kind enough to park right next to me. Thier way of saying…”Vanlifers Forever” or until I’m tired of 3 day stints of no showers, making coffee in my van and finding a laundromat that gives me change.

I am heading back to Utah as my Dad is getting ready for his next treatment…I wish he would just smoke pot and live out his best days. I support my Dad in his own right and if he chooses Chemo over CBD…then it’s his choice. Cancer sucks and nobody should endure the wrath of this horrible disease.

My mom and dad love each other very much. Both need hearing aides and Shoild wear them so they don’t have to shout at one another while my dad goes through this. But this trip to get away from him and mom screaming at each other over the TV not working solidified my dream to stay on the road and spend QUALITY time with him as time permits.

Not Being Lokal to Tahoe and any Part of CA has been a good realization that I am blessed. CA isn’t bad as the sites are pretty and the Non Lokals like my Cousin and Anna and Michelle and the two new camper Van friends are truly a great way to experience a place that many talk Shit about. Turns out…living in a van may not be that bad after all.

Published by NOTALOKAL

Retired Military (Airforce). I grew up in Salt Lake City Utah amongst a Mormon religion that made me always question my relationship with God and how I fit in. I didn't enjoy going to church and I chose to join the military in hopes of escaping the grasps of onlookers, hypocrites, and jackmormons, looking at my every move in order to see how I would be as I grew up. I'd show them nobody tells me what to do...so look at me. I joined an organization that does nothing but tell me what to how to sleep when to sleep what to eat where to wash my backside how many cars I can own how often I get to shit every day. Nobody tells me what to do. I'll move and find myself exactly where I wanna be. San Antonio Basic Training here I come

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