Hammer Down

As I left my house today to make my way to Utah for the long weekend of Independence. I found myself having to go North, instead of across I-70. It really is kind of a wash, as the traffic on I-70 is always so bad, and the wind, and long road of US-80 is desolate and overriden with long haul truckers.

Driving Vader (my camper van), I always enjoy the way it feels; higher, and less overtaken by large vehicles that you would normally feel like in a smaller compact car. I headed North, toward US 80 as the mudslide in Glenwood Canyon, has the Westbound I70 closed and unable to pass.

There is always lots of construction near Thornton and Ft Collins, and I knew it would be inevitable to bypass. I just smiled as I drove through knowing I left at 430am to beat all the traffic. This may be why I’m still single…well may be one of the reasons. Leaving at the butt crack of dawn isn’t always desirable to someone who wants more sleep. I can live on a couple hours of sleep each night.

I’ve never taken the more scenic route toward Laramie or Rawlings, but this time I headed West toward the small towns and found very little traffic that would normally go through Cheyenne.

After 45 minutes of winding roads and lush farmlands and some rocky buttes, I turned to get on the dreaded path of US80. What a shit show. In order to do my best to maintain a positive attitude I opened a fruit juice, and had some fresh fruit to begin my journey down the long…truck filled path. Reminded me of the old song by CW McCall (Convoy) The road isn’t that bad, but the truckers are abundant and very much distracted by their phones texting away. Yes thats right…driving several thousand pound, heavy 40 foot tractor trailers while texting and shifting through splits and several gears. They drive by not noticing the big billboards that say “Texting and driving kills”.

I admit…I barely notice the signs myself as I drive by and hope they don’t veer into my lane.

After 100s of miles of the same road I text my old Boss and amazing friend of whom I hope to always stay close friends with. He makes this journey to see his son Brice, who is one of the best bareback riders in the country attending college in Wyoming. The kids a damn Rockstar. Reminds me of myself at that young age. 🙄

He says “Damn the bad luck…80 is long and boring” and I text him back (still missing the texting and driving signs saying)…”ZZZZZs”. His comment: “You and the rest of the Highway Patrol…”Hammer Down”!!!! Which in successful big money talk, means…pay for the fucking ticket if it happens…or so I say to myself.

I take his advice as he is one of the most successful people I’ve encountered, and using his experience and techniques, somehow I would be successful doing so. It hasn’t worked so far but I hold on with crossed fingers, a few dollars to buy winning lottery tickets in my pocket.

As I drive over the pass and see Park City, Utah; I am reminded of how beautiful this state is and being back in a state I was once Lokal to, is promising and enjoyable, despite the drive to get here. Coming home to Utah just puts a big smile on my face.

I will enjoy this weekend of celebrating the countries Independence and know that although I am no longer a Lokal to Utah…however, I am Lokal to an amazing Country, and I love it!! I am reminded just how much as I drive and see large American flags flying.

May you all enjoy a safe 4th/5th of July and remember if you ever travel across US 80…”Hammer Down”…highway patrol may be in fact…asleep.

Published by NOTALOKAL

Retired Military (Airforce). I grew up in Salt Lake City Utah amongst a Mormon religion that made me always question my relationship with God and how I fit in. I didn't enjoy going to church and I chose to join the military in hopes of escaping the grasps of onlookers, hypocrites, and jackmormons, looking at my every move in order to see how I would be as I grew up. I'd show them nobody tells me what to do...so look at me. I joined an organization that does nothing but tell me what to how to sleep when to sleep what to eat where to wash my backside how many cars I can own how often I get to shit every day. Nobody tells me what to do. I'll move and find myself exactly where I wanna be. San Antonio Basic Training here I come

2 thoughts on “Hammer Down

  1. Great descriptions of the road, scenery and craziness that surround you. Nicely done. 4:30? Ummmm, no thx. 😁


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